“Youth run the world”: why you should take part in Erasmus+ Project

First week of July welcomed us with very hot weather as well as with 27 enthusiastic participants of an international training course. The Association of Ukrainian Youth in Austria hosted “Youth Leaders 4.0: training in IT & Blogging skills for the leaders and active members of youth NGOs” – an international training project within the Erasmus+ Program supported by European Commission.

Participants from eight countries came together to improve their blogging skills, to learn, how to be active, how to engage local community in projects, how to inspire them to participate in community activities and use online and media tools. Participants had different backgrounds and previous experiences which brought diversity into the group and some challenges for organizers. But the result outdid all expectations: participants as well as trainers spent a week full of learning, exchange as well as fun (although photos communicate much more fun than learning 🙂 ).

Participants had different backgrounds and previous experiences which brought diversity into the group and some challenges for organizers

The main objectives of the project:

  • to raise awareness about European values, such as Human rights, Human dignity, inclusion, democratic participation and active citizenship;
  • provide staff members of youth NGOs who work with and within immigrant communities with necessary IT and content building skills;
  • to encourage participants to use existing IT tools for realization of projects on inclusion;
  • to engage youth and enhance the development of their key competences in IT and online content building.

During the project participants were working on their mini-web ideas which turned into big cool projects. Check it out:

No fear. There will be beer – ukulele guide of Polish and Belorussian participants through Vienna.

Erasmus+ Cultural Night – awesome funny review of European Night at Erasmus+ about seven different countries.

Just do business worldwide – interesting places in Ukraine, Georgia, Germany and Austria opened and inspired by immigrants.

Vienna Jazzfestival – french team were trying to interpret like they were organizers of Jazz fest

Feet – a poem about feet of participants of Erasmus+ Project

10 steps, how to use transport in Vienna – a guide from Armenian team, how to buy a ticket in a public transport in Vienna and not pay penalty

If you would like to be inspired by 9 days of knowledge exchange and friendly atmosphere, jump into the gallery, take a look at these photos and apply for the next project!

More beautiful and atmospheric photos in the album.

Cover photo: Hanna Aheyeva

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